Tammy Elmore Snow

I love living in Florida! Being born and raised as a young child in Huntsville, Alabama will always be a part of my heritage, but I have been graced with the opportunity to live all over this great nation and even travel abroad to Europe on occasion.

If you ask me what is most important to me, I will most assuredly tell you my daughter and future husband. They are the apples of my eye. They have both made me a better human and for that I am so grateful.

I love to offer some of my time to help others in many ways, through mentoring, volunteering with one of our local charities, or just spending time with someone that is in need.

Music is important in our family, whether my daughter is singing or our family is just hanging out at one of the many free concerts around Bay County. We love to sing.

I have been in some form of hospitality, real estate, and marketing, since the early 80’s as a Licensed Florida Community Association Manager and a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent. My goal is to make Northwest Florida a destination that people from all over the world will want to call home, either seasonal or permanently.