Plenty of homeowners have made mistakes when remodeling. It’s worth learning from those challenges to avoid making them yourself. Let’s take a close look at a handful of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes as well as how you can avoid making them.

Bad ventilation 

Having inadequate ventilation in the bathroom causes more than just steam buildup. It can lead to significant challenges with dangerous mold and air quality problems. Moist rooms like the bathroom need proper ventilation, so cutting corners in this area can lead to major issues in the future.

Poor lighting

The bathroom is used for many things, including getting ready in the morning. You’ll need enough light to ensure that you can take care of all the tasks necessary without straining your eyes. Overhead lights and task lights are the best options.

Stuffing too much in a small space

Bathrooms are not always big rooms, and if you have a smaller one, you need to prepare for storage. If you attempt to add too many details or features to your bathroom, you’ll run into issues because you’re not being realistic about how much space is at your disposal.

Cutting corners

Renovation budgets can be tricky things. If you can determine the difference between when you should save money and when you should spend it, you have unlocked a critical aspect of when to remodel. Don’t cut corners by spending less on details that could have long-term effects on your home’s structure. Instead, save costs on details such as finishes and fixtures.

Wrong materials

Of course, some materials will bode far better in a bathroom than others. For example, a hardwood floor may show water damage over time, even if you try to be very careful. As such, make it a point to use durable and waterproof materials, even in areas you don’t think will be affected by water. Also, the moisture in the room can wreak havoc on finishes.

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