Bay County approves $5.6 million contract to repave 43 roadways. Is your road on the list?

Samantha Neely / The News Herald
Dec 27,2021
Princess Lane Repaving

Princess Lane Repaving

BAY COUNTY — It should be smoother driving for motorists in Bay County next year. The Bay County Commission recently approved a $5.6 million contract to repave 43 roads. Every year, the county makes a contract for resurfacing roadways. The contract this year was awarded to Anderson Columbia Co., Inc. to resurface about 11 miles of Bay County roads.

According to the agenda, the project will include mixing of full-depth patching, base repair in selected areas, paving, replacement, lining of existing cross drains and stabilization of all disturbed areas. Commissioner Robert Carroll said there is no particular schedule or order for which roads crews will work on first.

“We’ve approved the contract today, they have less than a year to get it all done, so you’ll start seeing paving equipment around in these neighborhoods getting resurfaced,” Carroll said. During the meeting, Commissioner Bill Dozier said the commission will look to do more roads in the future.

“I’d like to just point out that as we go forward with these roads and these are completed, there’s more to come through the program,” Dozier said. “I’ve had a number of people ask about other roads.” Carroll said the repavings are being funded through the county’s half-cent gas surtax.

“We are thankful for the surtax continuing to get the bang for our buck and allow our tourists that come and spend their money here that we can use those taxes to help pave our local roads,” Carroll said.

Is your road on the list?

The 43 roads to be repaved are:

Nancy Avenue
North Lakeshore Drive
Hale Avenue
Anne Avenue
Dorothy Avenue
Gulf Drive
South Pleasant Oak Court
Princess Lane
High Avenue
27th Street
24th Court
Harvard Avenue
Britton Road
Wild Ridge Road
Turkey Run
40th Place
Bartow Avenue
Canal Avenue
Panama Avenue
Bradenton Road
Hyde Avenue
Altha Avenue
Wakulla Avenue
Orlando Road
First Street
Second Street
Riley Road
Oak Knoll Road
Cedar Bluff Road
Camp Street
North Cedar Bluff Circle
South Cedar Bluff Circle
Red Bay Circle
Melinda Circle
Buckhorn Circle
Camp Flowers Road
Merritt Brown Road
Merritt Brown Way
East 14th Court
Charlene Drive
Katherine Avenue
Pocahontas Street
Woodhurst Drive

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